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Baiting Hollow--  The high profile Energy Star rated / Platinum LEED qualified 70 diameter geodesic residential home is in a league of its own.  Powered by a 10K solar power system and a 1.9K Southwest  Wind power generator, and partially cooled by a unique geo-thermal cooling system, the Green Dome(previously called Shea Studium) stands 44 feet high from the first floor to the peak.

The functional and yet exotic gardens and landscape integrate recycled materials like tires and glass and used brick.  We have Packin' Tire Gardens (a.k.a. late blooming gardens) , 4-tiered terrace garden made entirely of automobile tires donated by auto repair shops.  Oh the mileage that it will get now. The exotic (er rustic?) interior is unlike any other place.  Open architecture with sparse furnishings and oddly theme-based rooms permit me to say that there will be no other place that attempts to combine seemingly  opposite terms together--simple and multi-functionality, reused and authentic, plain and exotic-- to create an experience that leaves you inspired to create something at your own homestay or perhaps eager to return to what can be interpreted as either a hippy's moon base station, Spidermans secret lair, or the inside of a UFO decorated by an time-travelling alien experiencing chrono-confusion.

Please enjoy the pictures and I will see to it that eventually I document all the creations of this green dome so that it will allow you to pass your time without waste- or at least give you ideas on how to reuse that waste.